April 14, 2023

Spermvital - Dovea Genetics Launches New Semen Technology

Spermvital - New Semen Technology available from Dovea Genetics


Dovea Genetics are delighted to launch the SpermVital technology for the Irish market for the upcoming breeding season. The technology which was developed in Norway by SpermVital doubles the life span of the semen inside the uterus and in this way it aims to help farmers to get the cow pregnant.

The SpermVital semen is different from normal sperm in that the sperm cells are encapsulated in a gel, and after insemination this gel slowly dissolves and releases fresh, fertile sperm cells over time. The SpermVital semen creates a bigger window for insemination and makes it easier for the farmer to administer the insemination. To utilize the full effect of the SpermVital semen it is recommended that the insemination is preformed early in the heat. The point is to have fertile sperm cells present during the whole heat so the egg can be fertilized whether the ovulation happens early or late in the estrus. SpermVital technology has been used in many European countries with positive results.

Mr. Nils Chr. Steig, Managing Director of SeprmVital said ‘We are delighted to have partnered with Dovea Genetics for our SpermVital technology. It is two progressive companies working together to improve the fertility of their customers herds.For the Irish farmer who is depending on a concentrated calving, using SpermVital semen on repeat breeders can be a good strategy. SpermVital can also be used in connection with synchronization programmes. Although the objective is to synchronize the heat, there is a deviation between the individuals in a group and SpermVital semen inseminated early can help to overcome this challenge’.

Dr. Ger Ryan, General Manager of Dovea Genetics said ‘We are delighted to introduce SpermVital technology to the Irish market. We feel the technology has a role in improving fertility on Irish farms. We look forward to working closely with Spermvital in the coming years. The introduction of this technology follows on from the success of our Triple Mix Breed Semen which we launched Spring 2022 which are all part of our commitment to improving fertility’.

Bulls available from Dovea Genetics with Spermvital Technology

The bulls that will be available Spring 2023 with the SeprmVital technology are Kealkil Prime Lad (AA4743), Keirsbeath Karma (AA4638), Skehanore Fruitful (HE7545), Ewdenvale Ivor (LM2014), Affute De Thiboumont (BB4597) & Knockmoyle Loki (CH4159).

To order please speak to you Area Representative or local A.I. Technician or call Dovea on 0504-21755