Export Semen Sales

Export Semen Sales

Export Semen Sales

Dovea Genetics have been market leaders for over 50 years in developing the Irish cattle herd making Ireland a world leader in producing both dairy and beef cattle. 

Our aim is simple, deliver the best available genetics to our farmers and as a direct result increase efficiencies and ultimately deliver healthier, higher producing, more profitable livestock.

In 2017 we exported our dairy and beef semen to 26 countries worldwide, to South America, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

Why Irish Genetics?

The typical Irish dairy cow:

  • Medium milk production (by international standards), good fat & protein & excellent fertility

  • Grass based Spring calving

  • This typical Irish cow is ideal for many developing countries


  • Numerous Beef Breeds

  • One Stop Shop

  • Bulls For Different Markets

Please feel free to browse our catalogues here.

If you have any questions or queries please contact our Exports Salesman Conor Ryan on +353 504 21755 or exports@doveagenetics.ie

For UK enquiries visit www.doveagenetics.co.uk