July 03, 2023

Moorepark Open Day 2023

Moorepark Open Day 2023 takes place on Tuesday, July 4th 2023. The Dovea Genetics team will be present on the day to talk all things breeding.


Moorepark Open Day 2023 takes place on Tuesday, July 4th 2023. The Dovea Genetics team will be present on the day to talk all things breeding.

The event returns to it's original one day format.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Securing a Sustainable Future’.

Since milk quota removal was first discussed, the dairy industry has gone through a transformation. This has occurred against the backdrop of an economic crisis, a global pandemic and a war in Europe.

It is now important to take stock of the next phase of development for the dairy industry as a whole. Future developments will require close alignment with EU and national policy objectives. A particular focus is needed on:

  • reduced carbon emissions

  • improved animal welfare

  • better water and air quality

  • greater biodiversity

At the same time it is necessary to generate financially rewarding career opportunities with a favourable work-life balance.

Moorepark’23 will highlight the various technologies and practices available to farmers to underpin the economic, environmental and social sustainability credentials of their farms.

Moorepark’23 provides attendees with the opportunity to see and learn about the results of the comprehensive, broadspectrum research programme undertaken by Teagasc, and to meet research, advisory, education staff and industry partners.

Click on the links below to find out more on:

Sustainability challenges

  • Sustainability

  • Current technologies

  • Future technologies

Dairy systems - farming today with tomorrow in mind

  • Competitiveness and change over time

  • Cost of production and cost control strategies

  • Meeting the labour challenge

Sustainable and responsible breeding and reproductive programs 

  • EBI developments to improve sustainability

  • Dairy-Beef Index and Commercial Beef Value

  • Sexed semen – benefits and opportunities

Grassland - the source of a sustainable future

  • Precision N management

  • Capitalising on the benefits of white clover

  • Reducing farm gate N surplus

Technology Villages

Grass10 – Grazing Demo

  • Management of white clover to optimise performance

  • Maximising grass utilisation and animal production

  • Measuring covers on grass-white clover swards

Grassland Village

  • Fertiliser type demonstration

  • White and red clover

  • MoSt Grass Growth Model

SignPost Village

  • The Signpost Programme and the AgNav Platform

  • Enteric methane emissions and carbon sequestration

  • Managing and improving biodiversity and water quality

One Health, One Welfare Village

  • Cow and calf nutrition, health and welfare

  • Herd health, milk recording and mastitis control

  • Milk quality and chlorine-free cleaning

Breeding and Reproduction Village

  • EBI (Carbon, Beef, Health) and the Next Generation Herd

  • DairyBeef500, Dairy-Beef Trilogy: DBI, Sire Advice and CBV

  • Optimising sexed semen use

Working Effectively Village

  • Time management and labour efficient practices

  • Attractive dairy farm workplaces

  • Skills and training

Infrastructure Village

  • Farm infrastructure (roadway and water system design)

  • Energy use efficiency and renewable energy

  • Milking management and milking efficiency

Skills Village

  • Opportunity to brush up or upskill on a range of techniques

  • 3 key areas – animal, milk testing and machinery

  • 15 minute live practical sessions


Forum: The People challenge

A Forum at the end of the open day route will focus on the key industry challenge of People in the Dairy Industry. It will begin at 3:00 pm and discuss the wide range of opportunities, as well as various career pathways, in the dairy industry. A number of students, farm managers, young farmers and established farmers will discuss their journey within the dairy industry. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, TD, will address the forum.

Live Displays, Discussions, Demonstrations and Workshops

Demonstrations on grazing management, reseeding, low emission slurry spreading, fertiliser type, white clover/mixed species swards, calibration of fertiliser spreaders, farm infrastructure, locomotion scoring, body condition scoring, milk quality, calf rearing, high DBI genetics, and health and safety will take place throughout the day. There will be workshops from the ORNUA/NDC with Milk Quality Award winners discussing their farming experience.

Teagasc Together

Teagasc provides a combination of research, advisory and education functions, supported by the operations team. Staff from all sections of the organisation will be present at the Open Day to discuss the range of farmer advisory services, and supports and schemes available, as well as the range of education opportunities available through Teagasc. Attendees can discuss career opportunities on a one-to-one basis with teachers and representatives from the Agricultural Colleges.

Industry representatives

Key industry experts from Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Animal Health Ireland, Ornua, Bord Bia, National Dairy Council and Health & Safety Authority will be present at the Open Day.

International discussion

Researchers and farmers from the Netherlands, France, Germany and New Zealand will discuss their experiences of farming under current agricultural policies, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing dairy farmers in their respective countries.