Genomic Holstein

HBN Number HOL840M003137908291 Pedigree Surgeon X Supersire X GrafeetiView ICBF Data
  • New High GTPI 2,741 Sire from the USA
  • Incredible Production Sire with Kgs of Milk & Milk Solids
  • Super Productive Life Figure
  • Robot Friendly, Positive for Teat Length
  • Will Transmit Strength with aAa of 546
Linear Trait Profile ICBF Dec. 2018 
Overall Type +4.85
Overall Udder +4.03
Feet & Legs +3.70
Holstein USA Dec. 2018 

REL. %
Milk 1,895Lbs 77%
Fat            +79Lbs+0.03%
Protein     +65Lbs +0.03%
Productive Life7.1072%
Calving Ease6.6061%
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