5 June 2020

Dovea Genetics Launch Ireland’s First Online Livestock Show

Dovea Genetics Launch First Online Livestock Show

Dovea Genetics are proud to launch Irelands first online agricultural show. The agricultural show has always served as an outlet for an enjoyable day out and a break for all the family. Dovea Genetics have continuously been to the fore in our sponsorship of a large number of shows throughout the country. Our online show is aimed at providing a platform for farmers to exhibit their cattle in a year where there are no livestock shows to do so. It is a great opportunity for people young and old to build an air of excitement around the farming sector. We have the capability to make this a success and an enjoyable competition with our high social media following.

This show is unique in many ways with another great positive being the minimal effort involved in entering. With no halter training necessary, no hours of practice to perfect the art of showing it is a hassle-free way to exhibit your livestock in a competition. We are aiming to make this a fun experience for all and it can be a great way to get the family involved. If you have stood at a ringside at an agricultural show and thought “I would not mind having a go at that”, well now is your chance. Agricultural shows have always been a great way to get children interested in farming and this is no different. They can pick out their favourite animal and follow them through our competition stages. There is only one condition required to enter, the animal(s) must be sired by a Dovea Genetics bull past or present. There is no entry fee and there will be some great prizes for the winners. We will be forming partnerships along the way to provide farmers with extra incentives to get involved and create a buzz around farming.

The first few classes will be specifically for breeding cattle that are capable of producing beef cattle of high value. These will be:

Class 1. Breeding type heifer under 24 months suitable to make a suckler cow.

Class 2. Suckler Cow & Calf (both with Dovea breeding) the calf must be born after 01/01/2020

Class 3. Male Calf Sired By Dovea Bull

Class 4. Female Calf Sired By Dovea Bull

Entries for classes 2, 3 & 4 close Sunday 21st of June. Entries for class 1 close 30th of June. The classes will be judged in stages and a number of qualifiers will be selected as the best entries and sent to an independent judge. We plan on expanding the show out over the summer months with classes such as best weanling and beef animal under 30 months sure to be some of the highlights.

The rules:

1. The animal entered must be sired by a Dovea Genetics bull past or present

2. The entry must be accompanied by 2 pictures and a video – the pictures must be a side profile and end view of the animal.

3. No halters or show prep permitted (clipping of cattle allowed)

4. Tag number and details must be sent by private message to the page

Entries can be sent to any of our social media pages or to marketing@doveagenetics.ie. We are looking forward to seeing your entry and best of luck to all.

For more information watch the video below