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Sexed Semen Protocol

Sexed Semen Protocol

Protocol for Using Frozen Sexed Semen


  • Frozen sexed semen needs to be thawed using temperature regulated thawing units and utilizing a thermometer to monitor temperature. Water temperature should be between 35°C - 37°C. Pick the straw with a forceps out of the Nitrogen, shake off and put quickly in the water. The thawing process should be at least 45 seconds and no more than 15 minutes.

  • Frozen sexed semen is packaged in ‘.4 cc straws; it must be used with ‘/4 cc guns. Warm-up the gun by tight rubbing and/or wear the gun between the clothing. Take the straw out of the water, dry and put in the gun. Cut the straw ca. 1 cm from top with a straight out and finalize the gun with the syringe.

  • Keep the gun warm between your clothes, close to your body

  • Keep the interval between thawing process and insemination short; 5 minutes is recommended.

  • it is recommended to only use sexed semen in virgin heifers or in cows with an excellent record of conception through Al.

  • It is recommended to Al 12 hours after the first signs of standing heat. Use in animals that show a clear sign of good heat.

  • Avoid using sexed semen in animals that have had more than two or three services.

  • Use sexed semen in well established AI programs and preferably by experienced Al technicians.

  • The herd needs to have very good nutritional, sanitary and reproductive programs.

  • Avoid using sexed semen in animals that are under any kind of stressful situation that might cause problems.




  • During thawing the straw must pass quickly through the freezing point. This is the reason to have an increased temperature.

  • Keep the straw after thawing on a constant temperature. By carrying the gun close to your body, the temperature wilt be close to 35-37°C, which is also the temperature of inside the cow.


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