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Dovea Semen Exports

The aim of Dovea Genetics is simple, deliver the best available genetics to our farmers and as a direct result increasing efficiencies and ultimately delivering healthier, higher producing more profitable livestock.


We strive to deliver the best genetics to our customers worldwide.


Ireland is the 4th largest net exporter of beef in the world, with Irish beef being recognised as a premium product worldwide. We are also the 8th largest exporter of dairy products and the largest exporter of Infant formula in the world.


Why are these figures important? Because to be the best you must produce the best, and all the exceptional achievements listed in Irish agriculture are a direct result of the genetics we use across our dairy and beef herds. Today in Dovea we export our products to South America, Australia, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the United Kingdom, and listed below are the reasons why our genetics are used all over the world.


Why Irish Genetics

  • Fertility – tight calving patterns are second nature to Irish farmers, with a 6 week calving rate of 60% and a calving interval of 388 days across the total herd, with the top 10% of our herd achieving an average calving interval of 363 days.
  • Unique – grass based genetics rivalled the world over for efficient and environment friendly cattle production, producing dairy and beef products with both a low carbon and low water footprint.
  • Disease Status / Bio Secure – as an island nation surround by sea in Ireland we have a natural barrier to the threat of disease with disease eradications programmes in place for over 30 years leading to an exceptionally high health herd status which ultimately delivers more to the farmer.
  • High Quality Milk production with excellent Fat and Protein content with Ireland being the largest exporter of infant formula in the world.
  • Quality of semen – the procedures for collecting semen is closely monitored by Department of Agriculture personnel on an ongoing basis making sure only the best semen is used.
  • Longevity – average number of calvings per cow is 4.2, a figure which means cows achieves more lactations and as a result delivers more profit per livestock unit to our farmers.
  • Ability to adapt – due to the geographic diversity in Ireland and the different farm systems, our cattle are at home in both extensive and extremely intensive farm systems making our cattle hardy and durable.
  • Diversity – the Irish cattle herd is extremely diverse, with the introduction of the best breeding stock in both dairy and beef from all around the world over the last 40 years, leading to a high level of cross breeding which has incorporated the most desirable traits from all breeds.


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