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Beef for Dairy Herd

Dovea boasts the widest range of beef sires suitable for dairy herds. We currently have a huge selection of Angus, Hereford, Belgian Blue and Limousin bulls suitable for the dairy herd. Currently, beef calves born in dairy herds are a hugely important part of a dairy enterprise. We feel that only proven easy calvers should be used on dairy heifers i.e. Bulls with greater than 90% Reliability on calving difficulty.

Below are examples of Angus, Belgian Blue, Hereford and Limousin bulls which we recommend using for the dairy herd.




Cairnmor Jameson (JZJ)Cairnmor Jameson (JZJ)

3.00% Calving Difficulty (79% Reliability)

  • Dovea's No. 1 Sire Available on Gestation Length (-3.5 Days at 93% Reliability)
  • Easy Calving Sire (3.00% Calving Difficulty) Combined with Super Calf Quality



Birches Littleman (ZLT)Birches Littleman (ZLT)

2.30% Calving Difficulty (99% Reliability)

  • Perfect Combination of Easy Calving and Short Gestation (-2.6 Days)
  • Perfect Choice for Dairy Maiden Heifers for 2016



Portauns Volcano (AA2259)

Portauns Volcano (AA2259)

1.60% Calving Difficulty (29% Reliability)

  • Three Generations of East Calving and Short Gestation (1.1 Days)

  • Ideal Choice for Well Grown Maiden Heifers



Liss Brendan (AA2163)Liss Brendan (AA21263)

1.30% Calving Difficulty (31% Reliability)

  • Brendan is a Really Thick Easy Fleshing Sort of Angus Bull

  • Use on Well Grown Dairy Maidens or Dairy Cows




Suarez D'Ochain (S1603)Suarez D'Ochain (S1603)

7.70% Calving Difficulty (81% Reliability)

  • Easy Calving Belgian Blue Sire

  • Progeny Inspected in Irish Dairy Herds are Excellent



Ringfort Goulu (RFF)

Ringfort Goulu (RFF)

11.70% Calving Difficulty (70% Reliability)

  • Easy Calving Short Gestation Belgian Blue Sire

  • Goulu Will Breed Top Quality Blue and White Calves




Celestin Du Fond De Bois (DFD)

Celestin Du Fond De Bois (DFD)

5.90% Calving Difficulty (69% Reliability)

  • Easy Calving Choice Combined with Short Gestation - Top 5% of the Breed

  • Dovea's No. 1 Belgian Blue Choice for Dairy Cows for 2016



Dolla Iceberg (BB2145)Dolla Iceberg (BB2145)

9.10% Calving Difficulty (30% Reliability)

  • His Dam 'Bertha' is a Full Sister to the Legendry 'Ballyfin Borat (BBQ)'

  • Ideal Choice For Dairy Cows 2016




Cill Cormaic Kasper (KZP)Cill Cormaic Kasper (KZP)

2.20% Calving Difficulty (97% Reliability)

  • Ireland's Easiest Calving Hereford Sire Available

  • 2.20% Calving Difficulty at 97% Reliability

Gageboro Morgan (GGM)Gageboro Morgan (GGM)

4.40% Calving Difficulty (96% Reliability)

  • Beautiful Balance Between Calving Ease and Calf Quality

  • Ideal Choice for Dairy Cows

Gouldingpoll 1 Easy Peezy (HE2286)Gouldingpoll 1 Easy Peezy (HE2286)

2.70% Calving Difficulty (21% Reliability)

  • Easy Peezy is an Excellent New Polled Hereford for Irish AI

  • All Calves will be Born without Horns



Elderberry Galahad (EBY)Elderberry Galahad (EBY)

3.60% Calving Difficulty (98% Reliability)

  • 3.60% Calving Difficulty at 98% Reliability

  • 5 Star Gestation Length (Top 1% of the Breed)




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